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Ok, 2 weeks after bringing my car in for a blown clutch I still have
no parts, They said they are schedualed to arrive on the 24th,
meaning they wont get installed till after Christmas, making the
total time without my vehicle 3 weeks which is unexceptable...

So i asked the service department if I could get a rental, they said
no, and I explained to them that ever damn time this car comes to
the shop It is off the road for a month for parts, If i can order a
Apple G4 Powerbook which ships out of Shang hi and have it sitting
on my desk the next day then why the hell cant Honda. She said it is
a wear item (so they have no responsibilities to me) and that they
wont be giving me a rental

So I called up Honda Canada And explained to her exactly what i said
above, I then went on to ask her why the hell are they even offering
these cars in this country if they wont even take the responsible
approach and keep parts on hand for a reasonable timed repair,, I
also noted that this isnt a one time thing, and that Even last year
I had to wait 3 weeks for a pair of Brake roters while my car sat on
their local lot looking pretty, pretty useless that is.

This time I didnt ask for a rental like i did at the shop, I
Demanded one, I then demanded that someone higher then her contact
me within the next hour and explain to me in great detail why
everytime I have to wait for parts, I gave her my number and hung up.

15 minutes later, the local shop called me telling me a rental will
be available for pickup as soon as I am ready, 10 minutes after that
Honda Canada called me back and told me that the parts will now be
here monday, the car should be ready for pickup on tuesday, and that
they have provided me with a rental (which i already knew!)

So although the higher up never contacted me

-I got a rental
- I shaved more then a full week off the time the parts were suppose
to take to get here

I just wish i had done this sooner

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On those special order parts that they have to get from Japan they ship two ways (at least I'm pretty sure, I've experienced both). Normal is they throw it on a boat and you wait and wait and wait. If you can get them to "rush" it like you seem to have been able to is they fly it and you can have it in a couple of days.

Basically to get a rush you have to get the dealership to get Honda to do it. My car needed a new fuse box and the service manager at the dealership I used was really awsome and made a special call and told them the car was undriveable without it and got them to rush it form Japan. It took about a week to get.

But I agree, they could be doing a much better job stocking parts.

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Amazing how responsive as a corporation Honda can be and how uncaring an individual dealer can be until prompted by Honda. I've had nothing but good things as a result of using Honda's customer service line and nothing but headaches from dealers (well, I should caveat that by saying the dealer I bought my Insight from in Kansas was always very good, but I've had difficulties with the dealers here in the Baltimore, MD area).

But I think the point is taken, it shouldn't take going to Honda directly to get these issues resolved quickly and with some respect from the dealers themselves.

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Dealer arrogance

I've always been amazed by the staggering arrogance of most Honda dealers. My first car was a Honda, but my second and third were Toyotas. The Phoenix-area Honda dealerships were completely responsible--both times I shopped Hondas first.

To be fair, the dealership I shopped with up here was better, but still not as professional and courteous as they should be.

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I've been lucky so far,
#7 Honda has been able to get parts for me within 24 hours.

By the way, the front brake rotors are the same as the 84-87 CRX, so there are lots of aftermarket companies that make front brake rotors that fit the Insight perfectly.
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