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Hi everyone,

New here, and just got a 2012 Honda insight base with 71k mi.

For the last few days, i found when i press the gas pedal, the noise, like "DA DA DA", took place from the bottom of engine bay area. After i released the gas pedal, the noise disappeared.

Generally it took place around 1000-1500RPM, with speed lower than 35MPH. When speed is higher, i cannot hear the noise, or because the noise is covered by the wind or driving sound.

It is annoying, i changed mobile-1 synthetic oil today to see whether it is due to bad engine oil. But the noise still came out after i changed engine oil.

Anyone can help me out, the noise really sucks.
BTW, my TPMS system is not working well now, i may need to change sensors in a near future.

Thanks in advance.
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