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I am in my second week of ownership now with my 2001 200k mile insight. I changed the oil and filter and air filter and cleaned it up really good. It seems to consistantly get 55 mpg and its a little hilly and mostly 45 to 55 mph and we are 3000 feet above sea level, so im happy with that. I incresed the tire pressure to 40 they were all at 31 so maybee will get a little better now. The engine is a little noisy like ticking. I suspect the owner didnt have it serviced other than the oil since he lived pretty far from a dealership in Choteo Mt. I really dislike taking my cars to a shop but would like your advice on what to do. I have never adjusted valves so would concider taking it in for that. Is that what I should ask forand what is the typical charge for this service at Honda?

Thanks for all your help on the catalytic converter problem. I have decided to order the units and replace them myself in the spring.

Robert Rahn
Kalispell, Mt.
200 Insight
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