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Nokian Haka 2s 165/65 R14 0n CRX rims?

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Thanks to all who responded to my post. Just a few more quick questions.

1. Where did people buy their Nokian Haka 2s ? (online or local tire shops?)

( By the way, I see that Nokian has a newer "Haka RSi". It's supposed to be better able to utilize the ABS brakes, is quieter, good on braking & acceleration grip in snow, sluch, ice, or wet conditions, and even corrects small steering errors---sounds good. Anyone try these yet?)

2. Will the Haka 2s 165/65 R14 tires fit on CRX rims? It seems people aren't putting them on the original Insight alloys. A service guy at Boch Honda here said Honda states that "winter tires should be put on the original alloy rims." My husband said it could stretch the tire out over time. Any other reasons, other than ease of dismounting & mounting them each season??

Thanks again

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One good online source for most tires is:

CRK DX, LX and HF's AFAI remember used 13" rims so no go there. The Si, I believe used 14"r's so its a go. But they are "alloys" and you will pay a premium.

Using original rims has no benefit except no investment in a second set of rims is needed. And there is a slight increase in risk for damage (usually cosmetic) in more frequent mounting and dismounting. So its your call.

AFAIK all Civic 14" rims through the 00 model year (and maybe later) use a close enough offset and the same bolt pattern as the Insight. Verify the specs before purchase.

You have some additional options in alternate rims.

HTH! :)
Here is a place that I discovered for tires. I am thinking about the Nokian RSI tires at the beginning of December on the insight wheels. I live in the area and they will mount and remount tires free.
Bought my Hakka 2s (165/65-14) at a local tire shop. Tom Lyons Tire in Waltham, MA.

Nokian isn't one of the brands listed on their website, but I drove by them the other day and they have a banner outside with "Nokian" on it.

I bought used CRX alloy rims on ebay. Picked them up locally, so there was no shipping. Cost me the same as buying new steel ones.

Major benefit from having two sets of rims: I can swap tires myself in the driveway, as I did this morning. No need to make an appointment and pay someone else.
Salt will damage the nice Insight rims after many winters. My winter tires are mounted on Honda civic alloy rims I bought used. That way I change my tires whenever I want in 15 minutes.
And Insight rims will look fantastic for many more years to come.
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