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Thanks to all who responded to my post. Just a few more quick questions.

1. Where did people buy their Nokian Haka 2s ? (online or local tire shops?)

( By the way, I see that Nokian has a newer "Haka RSi". It's supposed to be better able to utilize the ABS brakes, is quieter, good on braking & acceleration grip in snow, sluch, ice, or wet conditions, and even corrects small steering errors---sounds good. Anyone try these yet?)

2. Will the Haka 2s 165/65 R14 tires fit on CRX rims? It seems people aren't putting them on the original Insight alloys. A service guy at Boch Honda here said Honda states that "winter tires should be put on the original alloy rims." My husband said it could stretch the tire out over time. Any other reasons, other than ease of dismounting & mounting them each season??

Thanks again

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