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Red 2001 M/T AC. 374000 miles and counting
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We have been having a problem with the IMA not going into forced recharge when the battery level drops below 1/2.

It has even dropped to 2 to 3 bars, yet will only charge with foot completely off accerlarator. I have had the battery go to 0 and stop all assist but still did not force charge.

We have taken to dealer 3 times and they say nothing wrong. The last time we took it in while it was doing it (drove straight there). They said they reset the system, but found no problem.

The problem seems to come and go with no paticular circumstances.

Have checked the 12 v and it is good, doesn't seem to be temp as it will do it after car has been off for several hours.

Has anyone had this problem that was fixed.

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It's not a bug, it's a feature!

This behavior is common, although nobody has understood why. It often helps to turn on the headlights to coax the car into forced charging mode in situations like this (takes a mile or two to work).

I don't think there is anything wrong with your car. At least not anything that could be fixed.
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