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Hello All,
My name's Bill and I'm a happy new first generation Insight owner from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hooked already! lol.

I had to travel a bit far afield towards the beautiful foothills in the south of my province to purchase my red 2000 Insight, near Bragg Creek, Alberta. from some good people who will be moving overseas and reluctantly had to sell the vehicle.

When I first viewed the car seen above on my initial visit last month, it was one of the coldest mornings of the year in Bragg Creek: being -33C [-27F] below; something more like what we often experience further north. It was a perfect startup test for the car which had been sitting outside dormant for two weeks. It passed that hard test without a block heater being plugged in, albeit reluctantly given the very low temperatures. The fact of good starting characteristics, coupled with the subsequent test drive under a variety of driving situations and road conditions in the foothills region clinched the deal.

It was too cold that day for the engine to shut down stopped at idle in neutral, but otherwise everything else was functional. The small orange "Maint Req'd" light had been on for the previous two owners duration it was reported, and it was not apparent to them nor the dealer service techs how to turn it off.

Minor paint chips were present and noted, with a small horizontal 15 cm crease in the rear quarter not unlike a parking lot or shopping cart encounter; it has a loose passenger side mirror glass piece only, which vibrates a bit; and, there's a strip of red duct tape over a 10 cm long vertical tear at the rear of the front fender. Interior was good condition and other than the body it's in super shape.
The car features a brand new windshield. The vehicle was stated by the owner to have just clipped a small deer when driven by the seller's wife on a commute, and the to say the least, for that type of accident, the car and driver were very lucky indeed and the damages slight.

It was my first hybrid gas/electric vehicle driving experience on the vehicle's test, and finding the power/weight ratio adequate for my needs, I was impressed enough with the extra torque of the electric assist. After the drive, I was quite convinced I'd made the proper choice of a 'new vehicle' for the coming economic times.

I only had to bide my time to wait for incoming funds to seal the deal. Luckily for me, there was only one more 'interested party', and i settled on the full asking price of $6250cdn, [aprox $6440usd then] within a couple days considerations, and gave a deposit. I realized that the Insight was a rare and very special car - well worth every 'loony' $pent and I couldn't let this one slip by.
fwiw/btw: I initially had seen a silver 2000 Insight listed online for sale in a town further north of Calgary indicated at a much reduced price, and contacted the poster however, subsequent enquiries went unanswered via phone or email. Anyways, if there's a new owner of a silver 2000 Honda Insight reading this in Alberta, Howdy!

Some service records came along from the car's last recent owner, and it appears that at 100,000km mark, while in for an oil change, and pulling the P0420 code some warrantee work was performed. It has had the K66 recal done per Bulletin # V-5-07 LOP31135 along with a new replaced ECU and LAF sensor parts plus the catalytic converter with all gaskets replaced under Honda factory warrantee. Also cited was Bulletin LOP121100 associated with the K66 recal.

The engine 'maintenance required' light was on reportedly for the duration of the previous two owners. From reports, the Honda techs didn't reset the light as is routine, but this was easily done at the first stop I made for a full tank of fuel for a proper mileage estimate. Thanks for those posting previously on this item, much nicer to know it was an advice rather than an alert.

Well, I've just made it home with the car and am confirmed more so now than before in my decision to purchase. The uneventful but yet very engaging trip back of over a couple hundred kilometers was a real pleasure. [Even without the MIMA system, i had a big grin going on as the trip progressed. :)]

The quick trip through the nippy afternoon Calgary traffic was smooth sailing and something i was used to as a former professional driver. I quickly got familiar to the engine stopping automatically with brake use/transmission in neutral at the few intersections encountered. I found it a bit oddly quiet at first.
I'm sort of accustomed to the 'momentum preservation' style of driving, coming from a background of driving big diesel rigs for a long time, rolling slow to a stop, so i think the Insight and it's power to weight ratio and me will get along just fine.

The highway back north involves some good hills, and a few long steady grades. I had an oblique headwind for the first portion of the trip and was running with the almost obligatory heavier winter tires here, which may have restricted what I could expect for mileage. The lifetime mileage from previous owners usage in a 15 minute commute involving hwy and city driving was 4.3L/100km, with an accumulated 170,000 km on the clock. I was determined to see if I could do a bit better with that number and pulled aside and reset a trip monitor at first fuel up.
[The old fellow at the gas station thought is was a brand new car and wondered if it was a Citroen from the back end appearance. The wheel skirts brought up the subject of truckers now using farings over their trailer wheels in some cases. I'm sure it will gain a bit of attention and more than a few quicker vehicles passing on the double lane hwy slowed down to take a look. fwiw: I figure form follows function and like it's looks.]
The vehicle performed flawlessly throughout as expected, and i kept at it at about 100-105 km/h in the right lane, trying to keep the L/100km bar low as possible given road and traffic conditions. I 'obeyed gravity', respected big trucks needing to maintain speed and not get in their way as much as possible, and took a good run down several of the bigger hills to carry some speed up the other side and let up a bit towards the crest. I had read on the forum previously some of the high mileage techniques with the hybrid engine/motor operation and endeavored to utilize some of these other methods in addition to my prior trucking tricks. This included a bit of drafting several lengths back. The road debris is an issue here, so best not to get too close i figure, as the windshield in the car is new.
With the car on the double lane northbound, and with some effort plus an educated toe keyed to the mpg bar indicator, I logged 3.5L/100km, [80mpg Imperial Gallons/67us mpg /28km/L] on my very first trip. Yippie!, all with winter tires and cold air no less.

Towards the end of the trip, whether either I was getting better at it or the wind shifted or both, I saw the L/100km indication on the 190 km [118mile] section from where i measured [after I got a fully topped up tank of fuel], drop from 4.2L/100km leaving the small town gas station, down to to 3.9>3.7>>>3.6 to finally an amazing [to me] 3.5L/100km. The latter number stuck and held as traffic picked up in rush hour coming into the home stretch. Road speeds in the heavy rush hour traffic dropped down to about 95-100 km and there was no doubt a good draft pulling along with the traffic.

I found pulsing the throttle ever so slightly to maintain speed in the flow and quickly dropping back the foot feed a bit helped preserve road speed and keep the bar bouncing low down on the scale and preserve momentum plus give little spurts of Regen. I noted the bars of charge in the battery nudging up but only made about 7/8ths level when i shut it down, safely at home after a well needed car wash and parked the vehicle for the night.
I will try and surpass this 3.5L/100km mark in future trips with a bit more practice, increased tire pressure etc, as road conditions allow, and other tips i may pick up.

I realize others have gone _far_ past my initial starting point for my driving mileage average and my ambition with the vehicle is to have a MIMA/PIMA system with a grid charger to really extend the fuel economy. Ultimately, if and when needing an IMA battery pac replacement, if the price is low enough, I'd like to have a Lithium battery pack system installed in my Insight with plug in capability to cut costs down even more. I'm all about lowering the long range operating costs and having a fun vehicle that can dart around town on a few pennies and make some long road trips as the need calls.

My main challenge now is learning the intricacies of the car to maximize mileage, pouring over the owners manual, and modifying my driving habits to accommodate. A good read is in order and no doubt in time some service manuals will be required.
Mechanically its a sound vehicle so far, and knock on wood, I've perhaps really lucked out with this purchase. I note parts supplies on the ebay seem good as well.
Here's my big shout out: "THANKS FOLKS!"
to all the contributors on this forum, past, current & present, for their many highly informative posts and for the years of accumulated knowledge within the InsightCentral forum.
That's it for now. PEACE!
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