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If you've ever considered MIMA

Mike is ready to order the next production run for the circuit board so once their gone you'll be back on a waiting list for the next batch.

The place to buy is the thread in the Buy / Sell forum here:

Buy / Sell, "MIMA PRICE finally"
(Sorry, you'll have to navigate manually due to the anti-spam provision of the Buy / Sell forum)

Please be aware of the special rules of the forum: ... php?t=2324

What's MIMA :?: See these threads: ... php?t=3087 ... php?t=2471 ... php?t=3044

And the designer's own page: ... ge1300.htm

Over simply stated,

For those that want the highest possible MPG performance MIMA (Manual IMA) allows for complete IMA Charge and Assist control. Be aware that this modification if abused will likely severely shorten the IMA batteries life and that it is an *IMA* warranty voiding modification (8/80K warranty).

But with reasonable use and at the current fuel prices I believe it will be proven to be a cost effective :D modification

The MIMA consolidation thread is here: ... php?t=3357

PLEASE :!: :!: :!: post all MIMA inquires there.

HTH! :)
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