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OBD II, No live data for O2 sensor 1 on ’05 Insight

OBD II, No live data for O2 sensor 1 on ’05 Insight

Have an ongoing issue with reading live data with the LAF, O2 sensor 1, bank 1, on the '05 Insight. This is an issue as this reading correlates directly with observing LB/P. Am using an Auto X-Ray EZ Scan 4000 OBD II tool. Also used Mid-Tec laptop OBD II software with same result. Can read any car but a ’05 Insight (and possibly a ’06). At tech supports recommendation have scanned another ’05 at a local Honda dealership, with the same result. Also, while Willie was here, we used his scanner with same result. Have also had car scanned at Auto Zone and Discount Auto, same result. Have taken Babe to the dealer to have her scanned with the Honda computer, sensor data was viewable. Wouldn’t ya just know it?

OBD II Require is a legislated specification; manufacturer must comply with a solution. Either a recall or an ECM flash at customer request, unless they qualify for an exemption. This is as per Tech support and Engineering, Auto X-Ray. There are currently no recalls or Technical Service Bulletins for the ’05 Insight. I contacted Honda and also checked owner link.

Other observations; can scan an earlier model, works fine. Then do the ’05 without a preliminary scan, when scrolled to the page where the # 1 O2 should be, communication error. With a preliminary scan everything seems to work fine, but it does not pick up # 1 O2. Going to monitor mode can do readiness tests. All the ones pertaining to the O2 sensors are complete and pass. Disconnecting the sensor in question, or removing it from the manifold, we get the corresponding DTC’s. Also, LB/P is there. Result; this tells us the ECM is happy with what it’s seeing. Are we having fun yet?

As few changes have been made to the Insight in the past few years it may be that this was a model line change. This might mean there could be a similar issue with other models. Auto X has a team that goes to dealerships to check on any software issues for new cars. Am told they will be doing Honda now. Was also told Honda has just signed an OEM agreement with Auto X. This would help to resolve any issues as it could effect scanner industry sales.

Question; anyone out there with a OBD II scanner and a ’05 or ’06 Insight. Doesn't matter if it's a MT or CVT. What are your results for viewing live data LAF, O2 sensor 1, bank 1? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Jack
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