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Obd reader recommended IMA 2nd gen

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Just purchased 2014 2nd gen Insight.
Any recommendations on Obd readers?
My concern is state of health (SOH) of hybrid batteries. Are some better than others in reading Honda codes? Prefer the wireless Bluetooth. Was looking at BlueDriver and OBDLink MX+?
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My OBDIIC&C for the CR-Z can talk to the G2 Insight IMA etc. Details are on the CR-Z Forum.

I have the OBDLink MX+, it's nice but I haven't found its access to my Insight's systems to be much greater than my basic $50 scan tool. It's possible that it could read codes for more systems, and I just don't have any codes to read on my car, but looking through the PIDs it doesn't seem like there's more info than the basic kind. At least not with the OBDLink app.

With Fords and FORScan app on the other hand, it's pretty sweet...
wish we had hybrid assistant for the IMA/honda two mode hybrids! That software is pretty sweet!
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