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Hello, does anyone know of any OBD2 diagnostic software that would give us any of the IMA data for our cars? I'm wanting to buy some software for my laptop to be used in my Insight so that I can know things like inlet air temp, coolant temp, etc. It would also be useful I think if there were software that could give me some IMA data as well. There's a lot of things on the market, some free, some not. So what's everybody using? If something works great, doesn't work well at all, or anything in between please let me know. And of course if there's anything out there that will tell me IMA info please share this as well.

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IMA Data

Sorry I believe you need big bucks Honda software to get any IMA data out of the OBDII port. I don't think anyone on here has managed to do it/get it so far.

I have some PC ODBII software and I also use a ScangaugeII on the move to monitor water and inlet temp etc.

The Scangauge is an excellent bit of kit and looks quite OEM.

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