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Odd raspberry noise

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Last night I was in the garage returning my Insight to stock for its visit to the dealer. Three times at about ten minute intervals I heard an odd sound like a weak raspberry or one of those party favors that makes noise when you blow in it. I thought I was hallucinating until the third time, I was right next to the rear right wheel and it sounded like it was coming from below the car, directly behind the wheel. Does the battery pack fan operate even when car is off?
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You may have a tear in the plastic underlining. When you hit a bump or go down the hill, the air flow or jostle in the suspension will cause the underlining to flap or raspberry momentarily, or even up to a few seconds.

I encountered this problem a few months ago after I ran over some road debris (couldn't dodge it in heavy traffic). You can either replace the underlining or have the dealership trim the offending piece that's flapping. That's what I did with mine, and no more raspberry.
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