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Oil Additives

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Has anyone used any of the much-touted mileage increasing oil additives?

3 of the other engineers in the research firm I work for have used Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier from Centurion with amazing results. They have documented 10% plus increase in gas mileage, reduced engine noise and temp. These guys are research scientists with multiple PhDs. One has an Infinity and runs 0W30 oil with this additive.
I have ordered some. Feedback please.
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People in the know use synthetic engine oil instead of regular "dino juice". The top companies spend millions of dollars in R&D to develop the best engine oil possible at their respective price range. If you buy a brand name synthetic engine oil (like Amsoil, Motul, Mobil 1 etc...) they have the optimum blends of additives for maximum engine protection at very low and very high tempteratures. And the synthetic base does not break down at high temperatures or with time and it pours at -51 Celcius (-60 F) so you get instant lubrication on the coldest Alaskan winter night. If you want maximum fuel efficiency a lighter weight oil will be better but depending on the design of the engine and the conditions at which it is driven the lighter oil will not provide as much wear protection.
But the Insight was designed for 0W20 so it should be ok for a long time (at least if you synthetic 0W20)

It is highly recommended that you do not add any additives to engine oils because it will mess up the precise blend of additives companies spent millions of dollars to optimize!
People who race do a lot of modifications to their cars, but one thing they do not do is add additives to their engine oils, they just buy better engine oils!

For the Insight, the best engine oil might be this one

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Quantified data

I purchased my insight to PLAY with. I drive 160 miles round trip every day from my home to the lab and back.

Based on the postings in this forum most of the drivers "tinker" with operation of the car constantly (tire pressure, drafting etc). I intend to do the same. I will and have always used synthetic oil.

As a research engineer I would like to have quantified data rather than opinions. Does anyone have any experience with oil additives?

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We've all seen/read/heard about the newest miracle addative. I am becoming somewhat of a cynic in this regard.

The _very last_ additive I have/will ever tried was of the Molydinum DiSulfide flavor. Commonly called "Moly."

It's sucessfully used in many other lubricants as a _proven_ friction reducer. In my particular case I attribute the addative to cokeing my piston oil ring(s) after my PCV valve failed open and I consumed 3+ quarts in about as many hundred miles.

My lesson learned is that there is probably a downside to these addatives given some unforseen circumstance.

The only consistant improvement in MPG from internal friction reduction is synthetic oil. Its ability is to be thinner and slipperier without sacrificing other necessary qualities is yet to be matched.

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Thanks for that link, Guillermo. I was using Duralube in my Civic before I got an Insight, and was planning on using it in the Insight also. After reading that article, I believe I'll pass.
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