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In case anyones interested I sent a sample of oil off at 24,500 miles to get an analysis by blackstone labs. Here are the results after using the oil for 3,500 miles:
Alluminum 6
Chromium 0
Iron 5
Copper 25
Lead 0
Tin 1
Molybdenum 139
Nickel 0
Manganese 0
Silver 0
Titanium 0
Potassium 1
Boron 172
Silicon 12
Sodium 7
Calcium 2711
Magnesium 17
Phosphorus 640
Zinc 832
Barium 0

Everything came out very well according to them. The only thing out of place was the copper, which is not high enough to worry about and they said likely caused by my recent switch to mobil 1 oil. Everything else was great. No oil or anti freeze was found in the oil and only a normal trace of fuel was found. I'll probably do another analysis around 35... 40 thousand miles to track the wear. So far things are looking good and a while back Electric Troy posted his oil analysis and it's very close to mine.

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0W-20, the report said the oil weight was in the 20 range still.
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