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don't change too much!

Every time this topic comes up, I'm amazed how many of us follow the old american myth of "better too much than too little".

There is no reason whatsoever to change oil more frequently than the manufacturers recommendation. While it can't hurt your engine, it surely will hurt the environment by using more fossile resources and producing more toxic waste. You would think that Insight drivers would be more aware of that.

Note that Honda specifies 15000 km (9300 mile) intervals for the exact same car in Germany. Also note who is telling you to change it more often: the oil manufacturers and retailers and service stations, their interest is obvious. But even the car manufacturers are more liekly to err on that side: they need to support their dealerships who make most of their money in service.

Only in countries where this excessive waste of oil is not genreally accepted by the drivers (i.e. most of Europe) do manufacturers really research what change intervals are required. Most cars there are recommending 15000 to 25000 km (9300 to 15600 miles). And I'm sure they still don't want to get excessive warranty claims, either!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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