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Oil Condition Monitor

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And Honda has made the first step in eliminating the "argument" completely. The new 06 HCH has an oil condition monitor system. OC's don't have a specified interval. The change light starts blinking when the sensor indicates the oil has reached its service limit.
Are you sure the sensor is measuring quality or does it just keep a record of driving style, number of cold starts, extended idleing, etc? The latter is what our MINI has. The factory service interval is about 10k miles but since we drive longer distances and don't drive the crap out of it, our service is more like 20k miles :shock: . There's no way I'll wait that long to change the oil.

The best thing to do is send a sample of oil to get analyzed after each change. Extend the interval a thousand miles each change. When the oil comes back with issues, then you know how far you can push it.
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We just purchased both a new Insight and a new Fit and we do drive in the Phoenix metro area, so we are in an extreme climate at least five months a year.

The service adviser, who was one of the reasons we bought two cars from that dealership because he is that good, made sure to tell me that I should forget the old 3,000 mile/ 3-4 month rule and drive the cars until they say 5% remaining and then get them in at that point. He said anything else is wasting a natural resource due to a premature change and that did include the initial tank of oil.
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