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I've read a lot about the experiences with "warm air mods" with intake re-routing, radiator blocking, etc... Being relatively new to my Insight (about 6 weeks now) and a seasoned cynic, I was skeptical.

The temperatures around here have been significantly below average for weeks, highs in the 30's, maybe 40's on a warmer day (I know, I know it's rough, but that's COLD for here....). I have driven back and forth to work (30 mi one way, mostly interstate) enough times to get a good average, and can be pretty consistent with the mpg for the trip.

Well that all changed today. It suddenly warmed up, nearly 60 F today. And just as suddenly, my mpg was over 15% better than usual, and without really trying. I drove just like I usually do.

Sorry for the rambling. I need to find some duct for my intake now... :wink:

Hi Holicow:

___I am working on a touch beyond 7 weeks and 6,000 miles with the Insight myself.

___I can’t completely vouch for the Insight without a warm air mod(s) installed as I haven’t driven mine without them but in 2 consecutive commutes with 40 + degree F temps (41 - 43 degrees F yesterday afternoon, and 36 - 43 degrees F this afternoon), I received 97.0 and a 91.9 mpg respectively. This mornings run was in temps of between 31 and 38 degrees F with a decent 81.0 mpg recorded to work. With all I have read, the warm air mods are the only way to achieve this kind of mileage in these kind of temperatures.

___I can only hope for a bit more mileage now given summer gasoline with more BTU’s/gallon will soon be available. The warmer temperatures should help both of us achieve lean burn within blocks instead of upwards of 5 - 10 miles like when it was 0 degrees F or below just 3 weeks ago here near Chicago. I hope these temperatures also widen the lean burn window even more? In the sub-freezing temps (-5 to 10 degrees F) even with the warm air mods installed, I was working very hard to break 70 mpg and I missed that cold weather mark at least 4 times in the brutal cold or horrific head winds found in my locale :(

___Now that we are both seeing warmer temperatures, watch your lmpg climb relatively fast … I gained ~ .2 mpg every day over the last week or so.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1p3vu2w3][email protected][/email:1p3vu2w3]

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Easy mods

I see the same thing, with a huge difference between driving in cool vs warm temps, even from AM to PM when the difference is large.

I posted my current mods at:

You don't have to do much to see a difference for your off-highway driving. I still haven't gotten mpg up for over 60-65 mph speeds in cold weather using the simple easy to take on and off mods.
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