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I took my little blue demon into the city for the first time today (Chicago) delivering some equipment for work. In the past I had only taken my pickup "Red" and the handling on city streets was at best mediocre. In stark comparison, the Insight handles like a dream. You point it, it goes there.

At one point, I took a sharp left. You see, I have no sense of direction and know Chicago like I know a supermodels bedroom habits (that is to say, not at all). It's a good thing I had my 200 lbs of cargo in a nice big box or else they would have gone everywhere. I didn't much bother to slow down for the turn.

Of course then I notice the blinky blue lights in my rear view mirror. I pulled over and the diligent police officer pulls up next to me, slightly confusing since I thought he was pulling me over. Motions to roll down my window and kindly asks "Is that one of them there half-gas half-electric things"?

"Why yes sir it is!"

"So, you get good mileage?"

"Well, right now I'm getting 47.9 miles per gallon, but it's been stop-and-go all day."

"Thats just incredible, you have a nice day."


So I drove off, my work here is done...

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Terrific story about the police officer. Last time I stopped for one of the routine alcohol tests the officer had lots of questions about the car too.

With the aluminum body, low profile ,and super light engine the Insight handles more like a mid engine sports car. Gotta love it!
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