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I recently posted about wanting an Insight instead of a VW TDI. I had located two locally, and asked for everybodys opinion on the whole deal. Billy and Delta FLyer both said to wait for the one I wanted... So I continued my search, appreciating the friendly advice.

I found a 2001 Blue 5-speed Inisight for sale in the auto trader, and it was at a Honda Dealer only about 3 hours away. After talking to the Dealer via e-mail a few times my wife and I decided to go visit the car today (Saturday morning). Well, they had a 2000 (red, 5-sp) and MY 2001 (blue 5-spd) but they had mis-lead me about the 2001 being a 'Certified Used Car' - the certification paperwork had been started, but the car had not been checked out at all. So they tried to get me to buy the red one - no dice, I got red hair, a red car would be just too much.

I drove the blue one and told the old boy we needed to talk price because, "I have a price in mind and that isn't it".

I bought the car, and it has 43k miles on it, I got the certified used car warranty, (1yr/12k bumper to bumper, 7yr/100k powertrain), I got the used car APR and ....


It is number 555.

Unfortunaetly I had to leave it at the dealer to get the rear view mirror fixed, the radio remounted, new tires, and the certification completed. I made them specify on the contract that they were to replace all 4 tires with LRR tires, not just some crap that fits on the rim!

So, happy day!


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It looks like Christmas came early for you! At least you avoided silver. Actually I like silver, but it seems "invisible" to some drivers.

Concerning my accidents, I have been in four over three years. The good news is the car did well as the frame, main body, and airbags were unaffected - still runs like new. I was never held at fault, although more cautious driving could have avoided two of those collisions. My point on silver: My two rear-enders were at dawn, another collision was a sundown. I keep my headlights on until the day is sunny.

PlaneJob, I hope they fix your Insight soon!
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