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Ooops... I got banned for saying I get 90 mpg!

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My handle is "farfel" (Seinfeld reference). I read the post, and figured this would be a great opportunity to educate these car folks about hybrids. Their response:

- First they called my 90 mpg claim "bs"...
- then they pulled my membership.

HA! Lesson learned:
- Be careful what you say to non-hybrid folks.
- They'd rather censor you than learn.

EDIT: I humbly request all who read this go to that website, and tell them how WRONG they are.... i.e. tell them your MPG. Thanks.
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I would have a few comments:

- As Troy, your reputation on Internet forums precedes you (you are well know) but you did use an other name so it might not count
You have been nice until now so 'thank you' and please continu. That is as a moderator.

- You pointed to InsightCentral and specifically about lifetime averages but you know ("been that way for nearly a year now") that the database is not working so these guys would have a hard time to validate what you wrote

- Didn't you sell your first insight some time ago and now you where looking to buy an other one? If so, it is hard to increase the LMPG and it is harder with time/mileage. It might not be easy to beleive that a LMPG has increased so much
As a moderator:

How do you boys/girls think of this. The other site you are refering to is about 'Engine oil analysis". They are all about oil.

I would not suggest to 'polute' their site with Hybrid MPG and warranty items. Trying to be frendly and respectful on the internet.
I do second El Vacho. What he wrote was right on target for me.

There are times where we need to see the 'big picture' and let things go.
Hello everyone, about some internal battling here.

There are two pints I would like to make here:

1) High LMPG is not impossible, some very fine people are able to do it. We have the examples here above. All our members are correct persons, no need to fight or something similar.
Now, did Troy do it (90 LMPG), I am sure he did not. He does not even own an Insight for the moment. He writes about virtual stuff he thinks of.

2) A bit of history about Troy which has been rather nice (I only had to remove one line in a thread where he called someone a 'dick') compared to his past self.

Anyone who does a Google search with "Troy Heagy Troll" will find lots of stuff.

Sadly, most forum owners have deleted his bad input (he is well known for name calling). I do not agree with persons who delete his messages since he can come back and aunt other sites without a trace of what he has done.

Here are examples in an EV list: ... 01234.html

In another EV group:

And this one which says, he tried to destroy an egroup:
Excerpt:"Beware, Troy Heagy the Internet Troll will use every method to disrupt EV groups. Even to the point of having a group removed."

And he uses different IDs to disguise himself: ... /0248.html
Excerpt: "He might be able to forge an ID but he can't disguise his writing style"
That is very true!

And this:

This guy has single handily destroyed the Yahoo Egroup "Honda-Insight" (but all traces are gone now) and he is the reason the Egroup "Honda-Hybrid" was created. To have some moderation and prevent Troy to disrupt the group (Messages in large quantities, name calling, trolling,...). He is trying to disrupt this group and has been able to.

He was able to disrupt the Oil group and this group. People are one against the other here but really should not be. He started this with his lies, and lets it run by itself to go down. He is THE expert on the Internet for such things.

Please be wise to his game
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2002 is not 4 or 5 years old, you are 2 years older now. I agree that you lost your job, because of all the trolloing while on your job and your job's net admin had proof in the time spent on the Internet
BUT why do I still find stuff (by just adding "2004" to the search) from April 2004 like in this:

"Dunno what prank you think you're up to with this one, Cap,
> but it is my painful duty to break it to you that just about every old
> regular in this ng already figured out a while ago that you were the
> real person behind both the Dan Tropea and the Troy Heagy sockpuppets.
And don't forget the Tim Bruening one... "


"Considering your first hateful comment in the thread" writing about something you wrote

The one thing that helps you is the fact that everyone deletes your actions so there are less proof left, but you still leave plenty.

The proof is in the actions. Why the name calling I had to remove, why ask other persons to disrupt an other group, why have you wrote that you had a 90 MPG average, You knew it was possible and you have used it like if it was you who did it.

I ask you to think of the greater benefit of all. Before sending messages to this forum, ask yourself if it can make harm to someone else and if so, do not send it.

Like I am doing right now, I hope it will help others to prevent going into your games and I hope it could help you to act like you say you have changed.

I tried to find the Yahoo Honda-Insight messages 18908 to 18910 where Troy said he would leave the group. I find that they have been deleted. Only the other members's replies are left. There was no moderator for this site so ONLY Troy could have deleted his messages. So it is Troy that deletes his evidence of wrong doing.
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No but since it is exaclty what you do, get a few IDs, there is absolutly No reason not to beleive them. An Amazone review of back then listed you from "Troy Heagy (Forest Hill MD)" not from Utah

You have experience in this, more than most to my knowledge, you know about the IP adresses from which you write. You know that you can find a proxy to appear under an other IP.

The IP adress was exactly what had given you away in the other groups: you had different IDs (alias), you replied to yourself under an other ID to create a conflict and let people add to it. But someone found out that you had the same IP under the different names and got banned.

There is no reason to beleive what you write. I will not persue this further. I will not play here.
About the Life Time Miles Per Gallon.

I am not implying that someone here had done that. It is very easy to fix. Like Chris almost had it:

Just like anybody can have on a good drive (back wind, 5th gear at 35 mph, slow downgrade) of lets say, 100 MPG on a distance of 100 miles (any distance will work);

he then just needs to reset the LMPG prior the drive and do the drive above. At the start of the drive, the LMPG is 0 and at the end of the drive it will be 100 LMPG for whatever is the total miles, 60K for example.
Hi Wayne, I have not pointed to anyone (except this one Troll). I do not have doughts about your mpg and Richard if I remember correctly.

I only ment what I wrote, it is easy to fix, I did it 2 years ago just for fun and see that big of a number on my car. Off course like you wrote, one would have do it regularly. Or the number goes down quikly with mlleage.

Now I need to get on thing out...the origin of this.
For Troy from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You wrote that you changed. You have deleted your traces of bad messages in other forums before. I want to give you the oportuity to show that you have changed by NOT erasing what you have already made public on the Internet. Your resume at: ... &sort=TIME

Trolls use the anomity of the Net. If you leave it there it would be a show of good will.
Troy wrote: ...Yeah sure...

Then I will not consider you as a troll, Troy. Thanks for you leaving it there. I write this as me, Yves.
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