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Ooops... I got banned for saying I get 90 mpg!

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My handle is "farfel" (Seinfeld reference). I read the post, and figured this would be a great opportunity to educate these car folks about hybrids. Their response:

- First they called my 90 mpg claim "bs"...
- then they pulled my membership.

HA! Lesson learned:
- Be careful what you say to non-hybrid folks.
- They'd rather censor you than learn.

EDIT: I humbly request all who read this go to that website, and tell them how WRONG they are.... i.e. tell them your MPG. Thanks.
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Wow, THis thread has been active.


It seams that anyone doubting high mpg capability could easily drive to meet someone that can and does achieve high mpg on a regular basis. My lifetime is at 90.2 mpg with 110K miles driven. My current tank is 94.2 mpg with 730 miles driven and I still have a 1/3 tank of gas. I have a gas log with and keep a spreadsheet of the gas used versus the mpg display. They are rarely more than 2 mpg different on a individual tank and over the 100+ tanks of gas the difference is less than .2 mpg (The smallest resolution of the FCD). I commute weekly between Washington DC and Greenville SC and would be glad to meet any insight driver. A few years ago I met Mark in Greensboro NC for a mpg comparison. I believe his lmpg was in the 70's. We drove a 50 mile circuit switching cars at the halfway point. At the end his had the higher mpg but both cars were over 100 mpg. I do not take pictures as often as Wayne but I have plenty over the years if you want to PM me with your email address. Have fun, RIck
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How to prove that the Insight is capable of 100+ mpg driving? Well we could trust all the mileage records it has set in places like the UK, Australia and Thailand. The Thailand record was 102.8 mpg and covered 1989 KM. Believe me the roads in Thailand are not conducive to fuel economy either. See
Then there is the 103 mpg (Imperial not US) around Britian.
I didn't see the Australia one but as I recall a guy achieved a fuel economy record there and even used the AC once he saw that capturing the record was going to be easy. The interesting part is that these records were accomplished by non Insight drivers. They merely got in and drove. I don't think any of these records however was set on roads comprable to the US Interstates where the road surfaces and slopes are even better for high mpg cruising. So I would say that a driver that has gotten the feel of an Insight through months/years of practice on a Interstate highway can easily achieve 90+ mpg. My highest tank average has been 104.3 but I have logged 19 tanks of 1000 miles or more. If I could cut out the 200 or so miles of every 1000 that are through the hills I could easily have a much higher average. Please no jokes about the Appalachian's as its not the altitude but the slope and the highways here can be just a steep as those on the West coast. Have fun, RIck
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I actually purchased my insight off e-bay. Mine was new but had a lmpg of 38.4 with 298 miles driven. Apparently either every test driver wanted to see how well it could accelerate in the mountains or it spent a lot of time idling at the dealership. I achieved a 72.6 mpg value for my first tank of gas. I am sure there are lemons on e-bay but there are probably plenty of good insights available as well. I am not convinced that a low lmpg is necessarily a sure sign of future problems. Several of the members here drive their car toward its max capabilities and havn't reported problems. In fact some argue that the engine needs to be reved up every so often to keep the carbon from building up. Given the choice of two for sale with the lmpg being the only difference I would take the higher lmpg car however. Have fun, RIck
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Moderator speaking

In regards to a video tape proof everyone knows what Getshocked would like to see although I doubt anyone will proove him wrong for 6 months. Since this thread has served its purpose I am going to lock it (Assuming I figure out how). We know where everyone stands but should you need to pass along further information please PM the person. Have fun, Rick
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