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Ooops... I got banned for saying I get 90 mpg!

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My handle is "farfel" (Seinfeld reference). I read the post, and figured this would be a great opportunity to educate these car folks about hybrids. Their response:

- First they called my 90 mpg claim "bs"...
- then they pulled my membership.

HA! Lesson learned:
- Be careful what you say to non-hybrid folks.
- They'd rather censor you than learn.

EDIT: I humbly request all who read this go to that website, and tell them how WRONG they are.... i.e. tell them your MPG. Thanks.
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My LMPG is 86.2 currently. This summer during the warm temps, I was routinely making trips (700 miles or more) averaging around 93 mpg. I am not quite as good of a driver as Excel or Rick Reece, but I have learned the basics and really enjoy the ride!! I would like to log onto that website and explain, in a very credible fashion, how all this is possible and actually does occur. Billy......
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