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Ooops... I got banned for saying I get 90 mpg!

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My handle is "farfel" (Seinfeld reference). I read the post, and figured this would be a great opportunity to educate these car folks about hybrids. Their response:

- First they called my 90 mpg claim "bs"...
- then they pulled my membership.

HA! Lesson learned:
- Be careful what you say to non-hybrid folks.
- They'd rather censor you than learn.

EDIT: I humbly request all who read this go to that website, and tell them how WRONG they are.... i.e. tell them your MPG. Thanks.
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Yeah those people on those forums sure are rude for telling you that your 90 mpg is BS. I don't even own a Insight and I believe that 90 mpg is possible. :wink:

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Well I can see how some people on these forums are a bit skeptical about how some of you Insighter's on these forums can get up to 100 mpg and over, like xcel. I see why they are skeptical because you can easily fake 100 mpg and over, for example you can get 68 mpg on 1 tank and go and fill up your car while still having 68 mpg, and by adding on to 68 mpg you can then drive it some more and keep filling it up until your mpg read 100, or over, this is assuming that you can reset your mpg gauge. If you do not reset you mpg guage then you can easily fake 100 mpg and over, and say that you got it all on 1 tank, when in reality you got it on 2 or 4, or however many times you filled up to keep adding on to your mpg to reach 100 mpg. Like I said before, "I do not even own a Insight and I beleive that 90 mpg is possible." Although what I have shown above is one way that you can fake it, that is assuming that you can reset your mpg guage, after each tank. The only real way that you can get 1oo mpg is to actually get it on 1 tank and reset your mpg each time you fill up. Plus you can tell how many mpg you are going to get on 1 tank by reseting one of the trip odometers with each tank, so you can calculate from the tank mpg and odometer reading how far your going to get.

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Yeah I see your point ElectricTroy. So then what is the deal with the mpg guage, does it reset when you fill up or what? Well now we all know that this is fake.


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Yeah I can see 90, but I saw this one guy on this site I went to got 134 mpg, now that is BS. If this car can really get up to a 100 mpg than lets see someone put a camera in their car and prove it.

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Well Rick Reece, speaking of the Insightman I got a e-mail from him a long time ago before I even started comming on this site. It sounds to me like he doesn't really like his Insight. Here is the e-mail.


I have a few questions to ask you about your Honda Insight.

Have you ever had any problems with your Insight?
My antenna cable somehow went bad, was replaced on warranty

What is the highest mpg that you have gotten on your Insight?
In July, I had my personal best of 78 mpg for an entire 11-gallon tankful.
My 37,000 lifetime MPG is now 59.9--I get 70+ mpg in hot weather and 55 mpg or less in very cold weather.

Do you get alot of attention in your Insight?
Not as much as I used to, but there are quite a few Insights around Ann

How fast can the Insight go?
I believe about 110. I've had mine only up to 100 mph

Is the Insight fun to drive?
It's not as much pure driving fun either my 1986 or 1970 CRXs
becauseit's not as powerful and the tires aren't as sticky. I really have a
good time working to maximize my gas mileage--something that's hard to
explain to someone who's never had a fuel mileage gauge. But I'd hate to
ride with someone who drives so slow and deliberately the way I do. My wife often complains about how slow I'm driving (after years of complaining about my fast driving in the CRXs).

How does the Insight handel?
I expected it to handle better because of it's light weight (1850 lbs), but
the high-efficiency tires limit the cornering ability. Also, it has a solid
rear axle, instead of the 2nd CRXs independent rear suspension so it doesn't corner as well in bumpy corners.

How does the Insight ride, is it a smooth ride?
The high-efficiency tires are harder than normal tires, so it rides harder.
The light weight also contributes to a somewhat bouncier ride. I feel a fair
amount of turbulance around trucks on the expressway. But none of those things bother me.

Is the digital dashboard hard to see during the day?
Absolutely not. I really love the dashboard and think it's a triumph of good design--especially compared to the center-mounted Prius instrumentation.

How often do you have to fill up your Insight?
I drive about 650 miles a month and fill it monthly.My personal
record-setting tankful in July stretched 867 miles. I really had a smug
smile on my face when I saw the long lines at the few gas stations that
still had power during the recent blackout.

I still love my Insight after three years of driving it.

JohnE Johnson
Ann Arbor, MI
[email protected]

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Well Sorry, I won't be anywhere near Illinios for the holidays, I wish I was though, so I can have a ride in your car and I can see what your car can do. :)

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Look, I would say that 90 to 100 mpg is possible, but I have seen one person on the Danniel Curran website get 134 mpg or somewhere in the 130ish. Now as for that I would have to be a little skeptical about it, but yeah, it very well could be true. The reason why I am a bit skeptical about it is the fact that only that one person got that on the site and I don't know of or atleast have heard of anyone on this site get that high. I don't get why you guys are all jumping on me for being a bit skeptical about the mpg with a manual, when I can recall that some of you on this site were telling me that when I told you that this lady I e-mailed got 76 mpg on her Automatic Insight, that I was lying or that was immpossible, or it was herrsay. I believe that the lady I e-mailed got 76 mpg on her Insight with a automatic. In fact here is the e-mail that I sent her:

Hi Chris -- glad you're interested in the Insight. It's a fun
little car -- I particularly like zooming around curves while cars
without sport suspensions lumber along behind me.

How fast does the Insight go?
The top speed is supposed to be 112 mph. I've only been up to
about 85, but the car doesn't seem to be working too hard at that

What is the highest mpg that you have gotten on the Insight?
I got 76 mpg on the way to work once. My commute is about 30 miles
mostly on the interstate, so I can get pretty high numbers. I have
an automatic transmission -- the manuals get better mileage.
People with manuals often have a lifetime mpg in the range of 76,
whereas mine is 56. It's better in warm weather.

How does the Insight handle?
Wonderfully! As I mentioned, it's low to the ground with a sports
car suspension. People who like to drive love to take my car for
spin. Of course, your mileage suffers when you're zooming and
accelerating (you might get 50 mpg instead of 60), but it's so much
fun that I just can't resist from time to time.

How is the ride, is it a smooth ride?
No -- it's bumpy. The suspension is tight, and the low rolling
resistance tires which bump up your mileage are small and hard. I
don't notice, but if you're used to a cushy ride, you might.

Do you get alot of attention with your Insight?
Not as much as you'd think! I hear they get more attention
elsewhere in the country. I live on the east coast, and I've only
been stopped in parking lots a couple times. I occasionally get
grins and thumbs up from other drivers, especially since I added
the "My car sips gas, your car sucks" bumper sticker.

How often do you have to refuel your Insight?
Every two weeks. I commute about 60 miles round trip to work and
school 4 days a week. If you're driving to suit the car, you can
get 600 miles out of a tank. If you're driving to have fun, you
get 500. My gas light comes on when I have 1.3 gallons left, so you learn
not to rush to the pump right away -- why fill up when you have 80
miles left? It's more fun to push it a little and see if you can
get a new tank record. I reset one of the trip odometers with each
tank, so I can calculate from the tank mpg and odometer reading how
far I'm going to get.

Is the Insight fun to drive?
Oh yes! I think I covered that ;) You've probably heard that the
pick-up isn't great. I haven't found it to be a problem -- I can
blow away from stop lights when I feel like jibing the person next
to me, and merging and passing are not a problem. When you
accelerate, the electric engine supplements the gas engine, and
it's my understanding that electric engines have more torque so you
get better acceleration. The automatics also have a "second gear"
button on the steering wheel that you can push when you need to
throw mileage to the wind and really accelerate.

Is the digital speedometer hard to see during the day?
Only if the sun is really glaring on it. In normal light it's very
bright, even if you've turned the headlights on to go through a
tunnel (which dims the dash lights) and forgotten to turn them off. is a source of all sorts of fascinating
things about Insights, and there are some Yahoo groups that are
good to ask questions on it. I'm on the honda-hybrid group for
Insights and Civics, and while most of the discussions aren't of
interest to me, they do come out with the occasional tidbit and are
generally happy to tell people about hybrids.

I'm casting a somewhat covetous eye toward the 2004 Prius --
the keyless buttonless entry and start intrigues me, and all Priuses
run in fully electric mode up to about 20 mph, so they're great for
inching in slow traffic. But, try as they might, they just don't
look like my spaceship.

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Why is this so hard to understand ???????

Xcel claims he has done a 96km trip and acheived 117 mpg on that trip, All I am asking for an UNMODDED Insight to prove at least 110mpg on Video Tape

You guys can argue the validity of the pictures till the cows come home, I dont buy it, and if it is a trip he does everyday then there shouldnt be any inconvience, why are you saying that 100 + mpg is impossible? It is not because for 1.You can look at the pics that Xcel posted , 2.Look at the MPG charts at Green It is possible because like what I said before about how you Could possibly fake it, which would be, that if you are able to manual press a button on your dash that would allow you to reset you mpg then you could fake 100 or even more, by simply not pressing the button to reset the mpg, this would result in your mpg to be a big number on your dash so it would look something like this: 66600000 or what ever number. If you cannont press a button on your dash to reset the mpg on your car and it does it automatically after each tank, than it is immpossible to fake it. ElectricTroy has already proven what I have stated above to be wrong. So ElectricTroy has already proved to me that 100 + mpg is possible:

ElectricTroy wrote:
Notice the left has the MPG and the right has the MILES. These two numbers are tied together, so there's no way to "fake it". The driver of this Insight absolutely, positively scored 116.6 mpg over 95.6 miles.

b1shmu63 wrote:
I managed 111 on one 20 mile trip from Sharbot Lake to Bollingbroke this summer. It was an amazing fluke. 56 for a LMPG sounds right.
Did you get that 111 mpg with a automatic if so WOW :shock: I have never seen that high before.

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Foxpaw I remember seeing someone on this forum setting up a camera in there car, and they were weaving in and out of cones for some sort of event, they had the camera mounted in the back between the seates, so it may not be that hard to set a camera up in the car, but as for the expense, I don't know how much it would be but I assume that it would be alot like you said.
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