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Ooops... I got banned for saying I get 90 mpg!

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My handle is "farfel" (Seinfeld reference). I read the post, and figured this would be a great opportunity to educate these car folks about hybrids. Their response:

- First they called my 90 mpg claim "bs"...
- then they pulled my membership.

HA! Lesson learned:
- Be careful what you say to non-hybrid folks.
- They'd rather censor you than learn.

EDIT: I humbly request all who read this go to that website, and tell them how WRONG they are.... i.e. tell them your MPG. Thanks.
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Hi Yves:

___You are insinuating a constantly reset lmpg by your very own posts as well. Look over all of my recorded tanks at Greenhybrid. Do the calculations and tell me how after all of these miles the lmpg displayed in my screenshots matches exactly with the tank data with time stamps from that forums recording SW all the way back to March 17th when the Real Hybrid Mileage Database was created?

___Here they are again from my own Spreadsheet. You can do the math until the second coming and that facts will still stand.
Date Miles Traveled Gallons Purchased Calculated mileage Price Tank Instantaneous Mileage Shown LMPG Shown Actual LMPG Temperatures

12/29/2003 923 9.6376 95.7707313 1.399 81.4 74.4 95.7707313 40
1/6/2004 770.5 10.946 70.39101041 82.27423774 10
1/15/2004 776.2 10.679 72.68470831 1.599 72.8 78.99854779 10
1/24/2004 817.8 10.956 74.64403067 1.619 75.6 77.8685224 20
1/31/2004 773 10.64 72.65037594 1.599 71.4 76.81815258 10
2/6/2004 778.8 10.723 72.62892847 1.579 76.6 76.11164236 10
2/11/2004 778.4 9.32 83.5193133 1.579 78.4 77.05866538 30
2/17/2004 776.7 10.727 72.40607812 1.579 78.7 76.46188027 30
2/24/2004 965.6 10.804 89.37430581 1.619 83.4 77.93918626 20
3/4/2004 868.4 10.628 81.70869402 1.699 85.5 77.8 78.32051216 30
3/16/2004 859 9.955 86.28829734 1.609 82 78.4 79.01015167 20
3/21/2004 862.4 10.529 81.90711369 1.799 86.2 78.9 79.25311005 30
3/25/2004 867.9 10.385 83.57246028 1.699 86.2 79.6 79.58310773 40
4/2/2004 963.8 10.817 89.10048997 1.819 88.1 80.1 80.28465395 40
4/9/2004 965.7 11.103 86.97649284 1.799 88.8 80.8 80.75535193 50
4/17/2004 1005.4 13.436 74.8288181 1.989 90 81.3 80.29046225 50
4/25/2004 1228.4 10.714 114.6537241 1.839 91.6 82.2 82.31336772 50
5/3/2004 970.8 10.598 91.60218909 1.899 91.4 82.7 82.82450041 40
5/10/2004 1002.3 13.337 75.15183325 1.999 94.2 83.4 82.32759332 50
5/19/2004 1345.4 11.303 119.0303459 2.079 97.2 84.3 84.23725911 60
5/31/2004 1078.5 10.716 100.643897 2.099 95.8 85 85.00852805 60
6/9/2004 1142.4 10.989 103.958504 1.999 101.5 85.7 85.88003981 70
6/20/2004 1153.1 13.895 82.98668586 1.809 105.2 86.7 85.721032 70
6/29/2004 1523.9 11.238 135.6024204 1.829 109 87.8 87.84378413 70
7/8/2004 1162.7 10.974 105.9504283 1.869 105.7 88.5 88.56620769 70
8/3/2004 1156.3 13.395 86.32325495 1.859 105.2 89.3 88.46204782 70
8/13/2004 1404.6 10.882 129.0755376 1.859 100.8 89.7 89.93854873 60
8/28/2004 1079.1 10.69 100.9448082 1.949 102.6 90.2 90.31806684 70
9/4/2004 1149.6 13.717 83.80841292 1.929 104.1 90.7 90.04224461 70
9/13/2004 1456.4 11.052 131.7770539 1.799 106.2 91.4 91.42000134 70
9/21/2004 1159.6 11.015 105.2746255 1.88.9 104.8 91.8 91.86132124 70
9/30/2004 1155.1 13.847 83.41879107 1.999 104.5 92.1 91.5362705 60
10/9/2004 1347.6 11.01 122.3978202 1.989 98.2 92.3 92.45298086 50
10/22/2004 972.2 10.097 96.28602555 2.119 94.7 92.5 92.55462705 50
11/9/2004 959.7 10.614 90.41831543 1.999 97.7 92.5 92.49668982 40

___Chris, if there is a location with warm temperatures (80 degrees would be nice), relatively flat terrain, and a 30 + mph direct tailwind, 130 - 135 mpg for that segment would be easy. I have driven in areas of Arizona and the California’s where this might be possible?

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1w8915lz][email protected][/email:1w8915lz]

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Hi Wayne, I have not pointed to anyone (except this one Troll). I do not have doughts about your mpg and Richard if I remember correctly.

I only ment what I wrote, it is easy to fix, I did it 2 years ago just for fun and see that big of a number on my car. Off course like you wrote, one would have do it regularly. Or the number goes down quikly with mlleage.

Now I need to get on thing out...the origin of this.
For Troy from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You wrote that you changed. You have deleted your traces of bad messages in other forums before. I want to give you the oportuity to show that you have changed by NOT erasing what you have already made public on the Internet. Your resume at: ... &sort=TIME

Trolls use the anomity of the Net. If you leave it there it would be a show of good will.
Hi Yves:

___I didn’t know any of the details of ET’s trolling past until very recently but posting a link to his Resume here is not what I would describe “Calling a troll out”? This is beneath both you and your responsibilities here at imho.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2h7kprb7][email protected][/email:2h7kprb7]

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How to prove that the Insight is capable of 100+ mpg driving? Well we could trust all the mileage records it has set in places like the UK, Australia and Thailand. The Thailand record was 102.8 mpg and covered 1989 KM. Believe me the roads in Thailand are not conducive to fuel economy either. See
Then there is the 103 mpg (Imperial not US) around Britian.
I didn't see the Australia one but as I recall a guy achieved a fuel economy record there and even used the AC once he saw that capturing the record was going to be easy. The interesting part is that these records were accomplished by non Insight drivers. They merely got in and drove. I don't think any of these records however was set on roads comprable to the US Interstates where the road surfaces and slopes are even better for high mpg cruising. So I would say that a driver that has gotten the feel of an Insight through months/years of practice on a Interstate highway can easily achieve 90+ mpg. My highest tank average has been 104.3 but I have logged 19 tanks of 1000 miles or more. If I could cut out the 200 or so miles of every 1000 that are through the hills I could easily have a much higher average. Please no jokes about the Appalachian's as its not the altitude but the slope and the highways here can be just a steep as those on the West coast. Have fun, RIck
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Yves M. said:
I want to give you the oportuity to show that you have changed by NOT erasing what you have already made public on the Internet. Your resume at: ... &sort=TIME Trolls use the anomity of the Net. If you leave it there it would be a show of good will.
Yeah sure, whatever.

Ya know, just today I asked for some advice on how to deal with insulting and/or harrassing people (like those at Bob's Oil Site that refused to believe insights get 90 mpg). Here's what my friend said:

"When someone is truly throwing around personal attacks and mudslinging, by not responding to your opponent, it creates the impression that you're above the fray and makes the guy insulting you look stupid. People usually form their opinion of someone not so much on what other people say about that person, but based on how they see that person acting."

I think I'll follow that advice. Contrary to what you believe I do NOT want to start fights and/or disrupt newsgroups. I'm living in a hotel room, 500 miles from my family. All I want is to relieve my loneliness and chat with other people.
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Hi Rick Reese:

___Thanks for your alternative voice of reason amongst a sea of skeptics ;)

___And for everyone else, here is Rick’s Insight when he finally reached the 90.0 lmpg summit on or around June 12, 2004 …

___I couldn’t figure out how to img the small file so here is the direct link …

90.0 lmpg

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1lnu484u][email protected][/email:1lnu484u]

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Well Rick Reece, speaking of the Insightman I got a e-mail from him a long time ago before I even started comming on this site. It sounds to me like he doesn't really like his Insight. Here is the e-mail.


I have a few questions to ask you about your Honda Insight.

Have you ever had any problems with your Insight?
My antenna cable somehow went bad, was replaced on warranty

What is the highest mpg that you have gotten on your Insight?
In July, I had my personal best of 78 mpg for an entire 11-gallon tankful.
My 37,000 lifetime MPG is now 59.9--I get 70+ mpg in hot weather and 55 mpg or less in very cold weather.

Do you get alot of attention in your Insight?
Not as much as I used to, but there are quite a few Insights around Ann

How fast can the Insight go?
I believe about 110. I've had mine only up to 100 mph

Is the Insight fun to drive?
It's not as much pure driving fun either my 1986 or 1970 CRXs
becauseit's not as powerful and the tires aren't as sticky. I really have a
good time working to maximize my gas mileage--something that's hard to
explain to someone who's never had a fuel mileage gauge. But I'd hate to
ride with someone who drives so slow and deliberately the way I do. My wife often complains about how slow I'm driving (after years of complaining about my fast driving in the CRXs).

How does the Insight handel?
I expected it to handle better because of it's light weight (1850 lbs), but
the high-efficiency tires limit the cornering ability. Also, it has a solid
rear axle, instead of the 2nd CRXs independent rear suspension so it doesn't corner as well in bumpy corners.

How does the Insight ride, is it a smooth ride?
The high-efficiency tires are harder than normal tires, so it rides harder.
The light weight also contributes to a somewhat bouncier ride. I feel a fair
amount of turbulance around trucks on the expressway. But none of those things bother me.

Is the digital dashboard hard to see during the day?
Absolutely not. I really love the dashboard and think it's a triumph of good design--especially compared to the center-mounted Prius instrumentation.

How often do you have to fill up your Insight?
I drive about 650 miles a month and fill it monthly.My personal
record-setting tankful in July stretched 867 miles. I really had a smug
smile on my face when I saw the long lines at the few gas stations that
still had power during the recent blackout.

I still love my Insight after three years of driving it.

JohnE Johnson
Ann Arbor, MI
[email protected]
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Chris said:
It sounds to me like he doesn't really like his Insight. Here is the e-mail.
"I still love my Insight after three years of driving it."

Well it SOUNDS like he likes it. I sold my Insight ~9 months ago due to lack of money, but here's what I miss most:

- People coming up to me and saying, "What is that???" or "Do you really get 80 miles per gallon?!?" which gives me the opportunity to sell the car, encourage them to go testdrive the Civic Hybrid, and show that you can help the environment without making major sacrifices.

That's the main reason why I'm saving my money to pick up Insight #2.
Hi All:

___Sorry about the size of Rick’s pic. I tried an edit but am only coding it over from Greenhybrid so I haven’t a clue as to why it is so large?

___Chris, where did you get that John didn’t like his Insight given the following?

[i]I still love my Insight after three years of driving it.[/i]

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:imsc59qb][email protected][/email:imsc59qb]

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Yeah well he still like them, but he likes his CRX better.
Troy wrote: ...Yeah sure...

Then I will not consider you as a troll, Troy. Thanks for you leaving it there. I write this as me, Yves.
Hi Chris:

___I like our Acura MDX Touring w/ RES a lot better as well but it doesn’t receive the fuel economy demanded for my daily commute …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1a8uhmky][email protected][/email:1a8uhmky]

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Xcel are you telling me this as of the difference between Insightman's CRX and his Insight?
Hi Chris:

___No, what I am pointing out is that all automobiles have their specific pro’s and con’s. Would I love to receive the fuel economy of my Insight in the MDX with its luxurious amenities as well as its quiet and very smooth ride? Sure but it’s not possible unfortunately. I am not saying the Insight is perfect either as I wouldn’t be selling mine for a much shorter commute in the near future but for what it was designed for (high fuel economy), there is nothing on the planet that can compete with it for the money.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2b9du40z][email protected][/email:2b9du40z]

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"...lets see someone put a camera in their car and prove it."

Why? Is someone offering money or something? Seems like the shoe ought to be on the other foot: lots of people here have said they get X mpg or better from their Insights. Other people claim we're lying with, as far as I can tell, no evidence whatsoever. This is just casual conversation - it's not like we're trying to sell you one of those 100 mpg carburetors or something - so why should we have to prove anything?
Hi James:

___You are right in all respects except that I have a small vested interest in that I am selling my Insight and thus have to prove just about everything as of late :(

___The item that bothers me most is that there are even Insighter’s that know what our little beauties are capable of that are still posting about impossibilities when we all know Hypermileage is not only doable, it is doable each and every day.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:342p0ahs][email protected][/email:342p0ahs]

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Ok then you don't have to prove anything I will just take your word for it.
Hi Chris:

___Don’t take my word on it, take the screenshots since they are far more proof then all the diatribe any of us could spew around the web. If you are close to Illinois over the holidays, let’s go for a ride sometime so you will get your own first hand look on how a Hypermiler operates an Insight 5-speed and what is possible in one vs. the garbage spread amongst the rest of the automobile forums ;)

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1sfuhnc8][email protected][/email:1sfuhnc8]

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Well Sorry, I won't be anywhere near Illinios for the holidays, I wish I was though, so I can have a ride in your car and I can see what your car can do. :)
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