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Thanks, sweet looking rims, nice job on the car.
way more than rims.. Read the trader description. After the VA doctor's told me I can't pilot my GyroCoper anymore or even drive I lost interest in stuff for a while. This one came yesterday. I'm a EE so I'm going to juice it up. Nothing much else left to do. Don't believe the movies. The M134A was had to keep running. Dropped 6 unfired when you cranked up and 6 when you cycle down. But when it did run it chopped the human body to pieces. I hated every minute I was there. Either there Canada or prison. You youngsters have it made. I would rather be dead than live in Canada and no interest in being a maytag. I'm done now. Serious questions only and no insults please. I don't like smarta**es

Looks like I will have to be satisfied with drones.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts