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Ordering new 2006 (Would appreciate some advice)

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I have been dealing with the local dealer who we like(we have four civics
in the family)and the msrp for a 2006 cvt is $22,080. We tried getting a costco discount as well but they claim its the same. I have looked at several used insights 2001-2003 they asked in the $16-18000 range. We have mostly decided that it would be worth the wait (60-90 days). There is one 2004cvt at a local dealer with 1700+- miles and they want $23,999 I don't think they want to sell it? We will decide soon.

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Just make the dealer what you think a reasonable offer is. They'll either take it or counter offer. But then be careful especially if your trading in another vehicle. The dealings can get _very_ complicated and you usually come out on the more expensive end of the stick.

Make the deal on and out the door price, all taxes and fees etc. If at time of delivery they want to add a couple of hundred dollars for something they "forgot" its a lie, _RUN_ don't just walk away :!: :!: :!:

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Elmer -- I think that Honda of Seattle has a Silver CVT and that Honda of Olympia has a red manual. I recently got a Honda Insight and really like it. You might want to play the dealers against each other if they both have autos that you like.
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