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I am trying to get back to a back burner project which I have felt important, but into which life and circumstances have inserted their ugly head - namely integration of my Orion system into my LTO conversion.

Giving all credit due, I did not initially acquire this system or do any development/integration work. All the prior work was done by Captain Torque(Capt. T) up in Pennsylvania. I purchased the Orion and his work from him when he decided to move on to another of his favorite projects. Much of the setup is the standard Orion stuff, but he did design and build a very innovative charger which is under control of the Orion, allowing the Orion to top balance and the batteries charge to their full specified voltage.

This is a picture of my starting point, merely getting the parts well arranged on a work bench. There are a gazillion wires to consider, so layout is important. He had the system working properly on his dinning room table. My immediate task is to reconnect the system and get it working again on the bench. Following that, I hope to be able to accommodate all the required parts and pieces in my conversion car.


The Orion is in bottom right. Capt. T very innovative charger is the large box with the clear plastic cover. The small black fixture just to right of the charger is the CANAdapter allowing the Orion to communicate with the small Win based control computer. The computer will run the downloadable Orion utility to do setup and control of the Orion box.

Much of the Orion wiring is not yet connected because it is such a rat's nest. He ordered all the Orion wiring, other than the current sensor, at 6 ft. wire length, so there will have to be considerable trimming for the car - depending on Orion location.

Not shown are the current loop and the temperature sensor harness.

The Orion has excellent documentation at I'm going to try to get a schematic together for the charger, but that will take some effort and wire tracing.

Anyway. Just getting started and I'm going to be slow because I have several projects going and I don't want to risk the Orion with hasty work.
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