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My 2001 Insight 5-speed has over 300K miles so far.

I've started designing a "panel" that will allow me to erase the memory in each of my sub-pack batteries. My goal is to build a tool (or technique) that will allow me to fully charge my battery pack such that it will function properly (be balanced) for a few days (hopefully 6 days) before throwing the "IMA" light and associated error code that indicates my sub packs are out of balance.

I am thinking I can erase each sub-pack over the weekend and prepare the battery pack for another week of driving. I am no longer interested in replacing the battery pack nor re-balancing the pack by tearing the pack down. I am hoping this tool will be a more effective solution.

It will take several months before the design is implemeted and tested. I'll post back here either way.

Your comments are welcomed and encourged!
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