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Owner's registry (no option for 2004)

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Hi all,

I'm not sure where to direct this. I was hoping to register my new misermobile on the site, but the registry only allows for 2000-2003 registrations, leaving me and my 2004 silverstone metallic #37 'out in the cold'.

BTW... I LOVE THIS CAR! My LMPG has worked its way up to 65 (it was 19.2 when I got it with 50 miles on it), and I set a personal best the other day on my way to work at 83 mpg for a 68 mile drive. :D

Chris in Washington, NH
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Thanks for the note, Chris, and glad you are so stoked about the new car. I suggest contacting Benjamin directly via email (his first name at or with a private message about updating the registration database's front end - he's pretty busy I think and might not see this thread.
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