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Hi guys.

I recently bought an Insight elegance '11 it has run 156.000km (96k miles)

I have been getting a p0138 (o2 sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2 Circuit High Voltage) engine code and cant seem to clear it.

What have i tried:
Replace rear o2 sensor,
wiring from the o2 sensor isn't damaged,
emission check, cat is working properly

the error just keep returning and its getting frustrating,

Does anybody have any good advice?

The insight has been given maintainance according schedule, and next service is at 170.000km(105kmiles), allthough the computer is telling me to replace the sparkplugs withing a couple thousand kilometres (according previous garage this has been done at 120.000km (75k miles))

the Dutch forum isnt that active as here so i suppose i just give this a shot :cool:
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