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Just weeks after shelling out $ for a new IMA battery, the CEL (check engine light) just came on with a P0420 code which the dealer says sight unseen must mean cat replacement.

If it is the cat, is it harmful to drive the car?
Anybody have the ECM update or replacement done beyond the warranty period?
Any reason not to have the ECM replaced if it's free?

I have a 2000 M/T Insight.
I called Honda Corp and they told me there was a 'product update' for the ECM, due to misinterpreting sensor as a deteriorating cat and triggering the P0420 code. I never had the update done, but according to the service bulletin, 07-036, the corrective action is not only the software update but replacing the ECM as well. I thought since I'm over the 10 year/150K warranty period Honda would not honor it, but they told me because it is a product update there is no expiration date on this fix and supposedly they will also install a new ECM. Apparently there were 2 ECM replacement product updates- one in 2002 and one in 2007.
What a pleasant surprise after a 3 month fight just to get 30% off the new IMA battery.
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