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I have been trying to wake up a 2000 MT insight that was parked for a year plus after CEL and IMA lights came on and previous owner gave up. I have been running in minus ima mode and things have been ok. I had the ima battery on the workbench waiting for time to get to this project and I found time this past week.

I added harness to the battery, put my rb grid charger on it for 24 hours, ran from 160v up to about 176v. I turned charger off, let it sit overnight and got the following tap voltages:
16.25, 16.17, 16.23, 16.24, 16.21, 16.24, 16.24, 16.24, 16.24, 16.24

I felt lucky and decided to put the IMA battery back in place, but things are not great.

I now have ima and cel lights on and the 12v battery light is on. My lighter voltage meter says 11.9v. 12v battery is new.

I turned off the P codes and they didn't come back immediately. For starters I would like to get the 12v system healthy. IMA battery soc shows almost completely charged battery as I would expect. I could see that the ima system was working to assist with climbing hill and the car is doing autostop. I never saw it kick in to charge the ima battery mode, but I didn't drive it very far with the low 12v battery reading.

Thanks in advance

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