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paint touch up on mirror

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Today I was drinking my coffee in my car at dunkin donuts and a ford expedition pulled up on the passenger side of me. The driver left very little room, and upon getting back into her behemouth, scraped some paint off of my mirror. She pretended not to notice, so I knocked on her window and asked for an apology, which she very hesitantly gave, playing the ignorance game. I did not know what else to do if anything. Does anyone have any advise for handling these types of situations?

Well, here is my technical question. I have the honda touch up paint. How should I go about fixing this? Does the paint adhere directly on the plastic mirror housing? How do I paint? How do I smooth it out?

Thanks, (still kind of pissed off) Hunter
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I think some stores like WalMart have spray paint cans. Hopefully it will do a better job than the brush if the masking is done right.
You may also talk to your local Honda dealer to see who they use as their body shop. The body shop will have the same paint code as the original and do a much better job. Of course,it will cost more but it depends on how bad the scratch is. They will also be able to take care of any dings/dents at the same time.

I worked as a porter at a car dealer for a few years back in high school. The brush on paint almost never comes out looking right and to get it perfect you really have to keep working on it. If you use the spray type you can get a better look but you have to worry about overspray and color matching. If you know what you're doing, you can really make it look nice though.
I did not know what else to do if anything. Does anyone have any advise for handling these types of situations?
Well, you should have asked for her insurance info. Even though it's only a scratch you could still have had her insurance pay for it. If she had refused to give her info you could have jotted down her plate number and filed a hit and run report. Most police don't like hit and run drivers and it would go on her record.

If I were you I'd forget using the Honda touch-up paint (total crap) and buy the good stuff from They have a plastic primer. Check 'em out.
My neighbor's 4Runner did the same thing to my car, but they were nice enough to let me know it happened and pay for it.

Anyways, if the scratch doesn't go thru the paint then a local body shop might be able to buff it out for a few bucks. Mine had about a 3-4 inch long scratch that ended with about 1/8 inch of missing paint. The body shop I took it to was able to buff out everything but that last 1/8 inch and it looked just fine. Still got it painted (~$100) since I was already paid for the damages and being my neighbor, they'd notice if I just took the money and didn't fix it :wink:
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