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Dear Friends,

The Foundation for Global Community invites you to bring your hybrid,
electric or fuel-efficient gas vehicles to a Clean Car Parade this
Saturday, Feb. 7, starting from Stanford at 12 noon.

The goal of the Parade is to call attention to the need for high fuel
efficiency standards among American cars. Since passenger vehicles
are responsible for 20% of the greenhouse gases now causing global
climate change, the Parade aims to showcase alternatives to gas-
guzzling -- and encourage car manufacturers to build automobiles that
are less environmentally destructive.

Organized by Rachel Harold, an intern from the Green Corps and
BlueWater Network who has been working at the Foundation's Palo Alto
office, the parade will begin at the Oval at the end of Palm Drive in
front of the Stanford Quad. Carrying signs created by Stanford
students, cars will caravan through downtown Palo Alto, and some will
stop to collect signatures on a peitition to Ford Motor Company,
asking that the company reinstate its promises to build more climate-
friendly cars. The Parade will then deliver some petitions to a local
Ford dealership and come back to Stanford by 2 pm.

As part of the fun, those who have gas guzzlers are also invited to
participate... (you may have to agree to a less-than-complimentary
sign posted on your car door, though!)

As the parade assembles, there will be music and high energy and
speakers from Rainforest Action Network and Stanford. The group will
be decorating cars at noon at Stanford and get the show on the road
at 1pm. The event will end at Stanford around 2 pm.

If you have a hybrid, another kind of car, or just want to ride
around in the parade, please contact Rachel Harold at
[email protected] or (919) 451-6926.

Hope to see you there!
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