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Parking brake handle pulls up too easily...problem?

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I've only got about 1,500 miles on my Insight. Today I noticed that my parking brake handle was pulling up way too easy. But it would still click as I pulled it and hold the car in place once set, so I thought maybe it was my imagination.

Then tonight I set the brake and the lever pulled up like it should, with a little resistance. It also seems like my mileage is a bit low on the current tank of gas.

Has anyone experienced this? What could it be?

I have to take the car in Thursday, but I'd like to have some idea of what I should tell the service rep. Thanks for any ideas.
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easy brake lever

Sounds normal to me. Mileage will improve as the engine gets broken in. 1500 miles is not enough for break in. Which dealer are you going to? Tipton Honda in El Cajon has always treated me OK. Buy all my parts there, do my own labor. I WORK CHEAP.
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