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Parking lamp plug gone!

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It wasn't long after I got my "new to me" '01 home that I noticed that the pax side front parking light was out. Thinking a bulb was burned out I lifted the hood only to find the wiring harness just hanging there! Missing was the plastic "plug" that holds the bulb and screws into the housing. The wiring harness has the plug that plugs into the plastic thingy that screws into the housing, so that's not a problem. Now, where on earth am I going to find that gray plastic thingy??


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If I may suggest, try JUNKYARD.DOG ...

It's a website and it is reasonable of you to expect more than one reply, in relatively quick order at that - at least that's been my experience.

Hope this helps.

Fred / Proud Owner of "The Silver Bullet"
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