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IHonda2002 said:
A friend of mine was putting his trumpet case in my Insight and banged the right rear tail light lens. It has a hairline crack in it :( . It's not bad at all, but I'd still like to replace it. Can anyone tell me the part number for the right rear tail light lens cover? The red plastice thingy.

And is it easy to replace myself?


The part number for the "LAMP UNIT, R. TAIL" is 33501-S3Y-A01 (H/C 6344295) from the 2000-2002 Honda Insight Parts Catalog (page 3-40). A quick check at shows it to be $115.94 (yike). There is no lens subcomponent to the lamp unit itself so you have buy the whole thing. A quick check of had a price of $75 for a used one. Others were listed as "$Call" so you might be able to get a better price.

As for ease of replacement. The instructions for doing so are on page 22-82 of the 2000 Service Manual. I quote:

1. Open the hatch and pull back the rear trim panel (see page 20-43).
2. Remove the mounting nut (A) from the taillight (B).
3. Remove the covers (C) and two mounting bolts, then remove the taillight.
4. Turn the bulb sockets (F) 45 degrees counterclockwise, then remove them from the light.
5. Install the taillight in the reverse order of removal.
6. After installing, run the water over them to make sure they don't leak.
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