The time has finally arrived. It is time to part ways with my first car.
1st Gen – 2002 Honda Insight CVT in Silverstone Metallic. I am located in northern Illinois.
I am not selling the car as a whole, as parts of the drivetrain and front suspension are already spoken for.
The IMA Battery is being used currently as a backup pack for my other Gen 1, so that is not for sale either.

Any parts you may need/want to have pictures of, please let me know. Besides the already spoken for parts, the car is still whole. I am posting this while at work, which is why pictures will have to come later today or tomorrow.
When I parked the car (2-ish years ago) it had just over 280k miles and it has been stored in a temperature controlled (55 degree F) garage all year round.
The seats have been removed from the car and kept in the house to keep them as fresh as possible.
If the items are big/bulky I would prefer local pickup or we can work something out for shipping.
Anything small enough to ship and ship safely, we can work out details later on if needed.

Again, the parts on this car are ready to help the next person keep their Gen 1 on the road.
This is not being posted anywhere else, so Insight Central users are the only ones who will see this.
Any time I sell a part, I will add it to this listing as sold. But seeing as how the car is still whole, listing everything now would take forever.

AS of 3/20/23 - Here is what I do not have on offer to sell.
1) Driver and passenger side mirrors.
2) Wheels
3) Cargo light cover.
4) Temp control knob for dash.
5) Instrument cluster.

Any questions on parts or what not, please let me know.

Thank you.