Items For Trade:

Hey guys,
I need a few parts;
1. Long black plastic underbelly panel for right (passenger) side.
2. Small round front bumper tow hook cover in silver.
3. A nice front carpet (not floor mat, the actual carpet)
4. A clean rearmost carpet panel that is just inside the hatch (on the back wall let’s say, over the taillights.)

5. A couple stock rear wiper blades.

6. Left and right front wiper arms (nice ones with no corrosion or peeling.)
7. Rubber trim for around rear hatch opening (nice; unripped)

I have many parts I could trade:
Some include:

Original (and optional back then) rear cd changers for 00-03 complete with mounting brackets and cord.

Left and right silver rear spats.

A complete hybrid revolt grid charger and discharger with two wiring harnesses.

Left and right rear taillights.

Clean Driver airbags for 00-03 and 04-06 (darker center emblem.)

Insight Service manual (a bit beat up; missing cover, but complete and in one piece!). Very usable and readable.

and many more... PM me! Thanks! Chris

Will Trade For:

See listing