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Passenger Airbag Kill Switch?

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I was wondering if anyone knew about/or already has had done a mod to put in a passenger airbag kill switch. I would be interesting in knowing how difficult, how expensive, that kind of info. If anyone happens to be on here and reading in the Baltimore-DC corridor, if you've done it a suggestion of places that would do that kind of work would be extremely helpful. Although it would only occur in limited circumstances, I'm having a baby in July and would like the ability to be able to carry my child around in the Insight if necessary, which is currently not possible without a way to disable the airbag. Since it wouldn't be needed for that purpose very often, if I could have a switch so that when adults are in the seat I could have the airbag operational that would be preferable to permanently disabling the airbag.

I look forward to hearing what you fellow Insighters may have to offer in this regard.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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