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Had to edit... it's our other car that leaves the light on when the passenger airbag is off. Insight's light only comes on when it detects someone or something that is too light (under 65 pounds) on the front seat. So the info I got was correct.

Red faced Insight owner here. Sometimes it's better to look things up first than to rely on faulty memory.

Original post below. So disregard the whole thing. My bad.

Took the Insight it for a passenger airbag recall. Also had an alignment done. Two hours later got the car back. On center steering a lot better. Everything good. Then half way home I noticed that the Airbag OFF light not on. No one on seat. Nothing on seat.

Called the Honda shop when I got home and asked if that light was affected by the recall work. Service rep went to tech with the question. The answer was weird. The light only comes on when someone or something is on the seat that doesn't meet a certain weight requirement. I told her that the light would be on every time the seat was unoccupied before the airbag was changed and again was given the same explanation with the addition that the seat belt had to be clipped in.

So I just figure that they disconnected the seat sensor, and didn't reconnect it? Is the only sensor connector under the seat? Anything else it could be?
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