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Hey all,
New guy here who isn't the brightest bulb when it comes to cars.

I have a 2001 automatic Insight, and the Check Engine & IMA light have come on with codes P1444 & P1449. This is pretty screwy timing since I need to go through emissions testing in order to be able to renew my registration in October.

A little background:
-Autostop and regen braking aren't working
-The IMA battery is still able to start the car.
-Whenever I start the car, I can get 30-35% assist on the assist meter for a couple seconds but then it kicks off for as long as I'm driving.
-To save gas, I've been turning the car off manually at stop signs, and start the car up again with the IMA which gives me that small percentage assist for a couple seconds.

To finally get to the question, I was wondering if disconnecting the IMA battery and resetting the check engine light codes would let me pass emissions testing since, to my understanding, P1444 & P1449 are related to the IMA battery.

Appreciate the help!
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