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A lot of you will know already, but for my gadgets I use the Pic Microchip range of US produced microcontrollers.

I develop software for them using PicBasic Pro 3 a basic complier.

It works well and allows even a fairly feeble programmer like me to produce stuff that works..

Anyway the point is ME Labs who make the compiler are offering an xmas discount at the moment. $40 and $50 bucks off the silver and gold versions.

I don't get anything for this nor am i associated with them.

But if you wanted to buy the compiler you could have a play about with the source code for most of my devices and do some of your own modifications or gadgets..

ME Labs Online Store: PICBASIC PRO Compiler

They also do a free student edition which supports the 12F683 chip and 16F88 chips.
They are used in the Ima Boost Device, the old BCM Gauge, the older hard wired IMAC&C etc..

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