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after totally screwing up an attempt at the pulse and glide technique ( i have 5spd, hi wayne ) on my way to get some gas, i ended up chewing up (depleting) almost all of my IMA pack. i took the opportunity to take photos and chronicle the charging on the way home. it was night time, and i had my headlights on. temperature was low to mid 70s, i'd guess. bit of a SW'ly wind, kinda humid ( it's drizzling now, ~2h later ), driver's window down, cabin fan on 1 click.

i made it home ( ~20 mi ) with a ~full battery, so the insight basically took care of itself ( didn't have to rely on downhills/braking to recharge ) and still got a decent MPG out of it overall ( 80.3 MPG ). ... MArecharge

( ps, that website is kinda screwy, so if pictures are missing, reload it; happens to me sometimes, regardless of browser/OS, other times it doesn't happen, regardless of browser/OS )

btw, i left the "album" wide open, so if you wanna throw comments, go nuts
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