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Heads up re: Photobucket image embedding,.... fees demands for embedded image links have been implemented yesterday and blocking of third party links has ensued. 24 hour search: photobucket third party links

Photobucket now wants $400/yr to link images to 'third party sites'. ie. forums , google spreadsheets. etc.

So,.... if you don't see an image in the forum or spreadsheets where there's supposed to be one, that could be why.

moved over the obdii dtc spreadsheet images to IMGUR,
and then replaced most of the former Photobucket image links with IMGUR links; hopefully no changes there for a while re:3rd party links.

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Hm, Photobucket was around for 14 years before its management figured out how to destroy it.

Must be some kind of record for the "free webservice" genre.

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Photo Hosting and Storage Important Issue

This is a very important issue for billions of pages and pic links around the web.
Photobucket have not made any friends.. But no such thing as a free lunch..

Sadly many long standing forum threads will have been rendered worthless or
significantly devalued if the originally linked pics many dating back years are blocked.

Posters simply will not bother to re-upload or edit hundreds and possibly thousands of pictures and links.. I wouldn't :(

I've never used photobucket it so am luckier than some and have my own webspace..

However it's worth pointing out on here that after you reach the minimum post count you can
add up to five images per post and they are stored by autoforums..

The FAQ this may help..

Insight Central: Honda Insight Forum - FAQ: Reading and Posting Messages

Posted jpg format pictures can currently be upto 2000x1000 pixels and max 2mb each.. However for forum users sanity
and our bandwidth I suggest more normal 640x480 or 800x600 and max of 100kb is more reasonable.
So please use editing software to resize and compress pictures appropriately.
If we kick the arse out it by uploading hundreds of huge pics autoforums might pull that rug out.

Pictures stored have a unique link which can also be accessed from other threads and posts..
Again use that sparingly or it may get scrapped..

The attached example pictures of my latest conversion are 640, 800 and 1024 pixels wide respectively.

The links for them are below

Insight Central: 640 x Honda Insight Forum

Insight Central: 800 x Honda Insight Forum

Insight Central: 1024 x Honda Insight Forum


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