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Pics Of my 2003 Insight / Matrix Revolutions

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Check out pics of my 2003 Insight. If you have seen matrix revolutions. please leave some feedback at the site.
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Although I'm really comfortable in the Insight, the Hi-wire would give me the willies. Since you should be stopped when changing drivers, it's probably just as easy to shift seats as to shift wheels and it's probably better for the circulation too. Here take the wheel she said! :lol: I'm an Elecrotech but I wouldn't trust even Honda with totally electronic steering. Not yet anyway. Besides, I seem to recall that GM dazzled us with twist wrist steering 30 years ago. I believe it was Popular Mechanics that tested it on a slalom course back then. Doesn't seem to have caught on around here. :roll:

The steering in the dualtone looks like it could give you a nasty suprise too if you weren't paying attention. I'd love some of those displays in the Insight though. Hmmm.... now don't get me thinking about it, I already have way too much fun with the instantaneous gas guage. :D
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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