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Pics Of my 2003 Insight / Matrix Revolutions

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Check out pics of my 2003 Insight. If you have seen matrix revolutions. please leave some feedback at the site.
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thanks. act. its about a month old. I just use maguires 3 step crystal wax on it every weekend.
yes cvt was my first choice, and i had to wait 2 weeks for them to find a blue cvt 2003 insight I have had it for about a month and love it. So does my gf
Thanks for all the responces.... I went to epcot yesterday and went on GM's Test Track. And in there show room, I saw a concept of there hydrogen Car which was really amazing. The GM Hy-Wire.
Also, if you can handle rollercoasters, You need to go On Mission: Space. It is the most amazing ride I have ever been on, it is not a rollercoaster, it simulates gforce, to take you from take off, to landing on mars. I have never been in space or have ever been in a spaceshuttle, or rocket. But this is the real thing, nothing will ever compare to this ride. The ride is about 10 min long, and you will feel really nautiouse<- spelling) the rest of the day. But Its def. worth it.
its not alienware, its turbocase. I built it myself alienware is a company that builds computers.
Added Pictures of honda's new DualTone, Check them out
Yeh I could see there being problems with the early 1st gen of the HyWire, But its still awesome, you could just drive J-Spec. or you get tired and want your wife/girlfriend to drive, or vice-versa you could just push a button and it would switch. The dualtone - im sorry but that is just too awesome of a car to argue with. ontop of all the displays, and night vision, etc. you get a v6 vtec with 400hp. Noone knows the price on this car, but it would def. be awesome to drive.
I see what your saying about the b-pillar, it would suck to be in the back of an element in an accident w/out that pillar there.
the crash tests came out pretty good 4 out of 5, but there is no rear passenger to be tested.
So how is everyone enjoying there Insights, I have been getting alot of attention lately, esp. at the gas stations.
yeh, i think your rite, i have not been able to go to one gas station with out someone coming up to me and asking me about my insight. After i talk to them for about 5-10min(with my gf waiting patiently all the time). Most people think you have to plug them in still. and dont understand how they recharge, everyone i have talked to and answered there questions, always says ill have to look into buying one(i doubt that any of them will buy one though). Hybrids are def. starting to take off, its just that honda was ahead of there time. I still cant wait for my new car DualNote to come out, as long as its under $60,000 im def planning on purchasing it.
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