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Pics Of my 2003 Insight / Matrix Revolutions

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Check out pics of my 2003 Insight. If you have seen matrix revolutions. please leave some feedback at the site.
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great site! Insight comments

your website is great! i have an 02 blue cvt too. great looking car, i'll say.

in answer to your question check out this story that i posted the other day @ ... highlight=

On Monday afternoon I was driving along our local neigborhood 4 lane (Middlefield Road, Palo Alto) in the left lane, windows open, when a big lifted pickup that had been behind me at the last traffic light, pulls up on my right and the guy starts shouting at me. My 1st thought is "nut case, get away quickly".

But then, I realize that the guy is friendly and he is saying, "hey, your car has quite a bit of pickup". well, yeah, i hit the accelerator pretty hard when taking off, it's both fun and seems to improve mileage to get up to speed quickly. But still I shout back at him, "yer joking, right?" He says, "No, I had to really push my truck to keep up with you." Now this is no big contest, we are only going about 28mph. But I know the feeling of driving a big pickup and pushing down the accelerator and 'feeling' that engine guzzle the gas. So I said, "thanks, it's a good car". He asks for my mileage, I tell him about 50mpg. He gives a thumbs up and it's time for me to turn into my street.

I thought that was a very cool exchange and wanted to share it w/y'all.

I've been hearing more of this kind of thing lately. Not sure why? For instance, yesterday leaving work a fellow made a big do over how cool Insights were and bragged about his buddy having one. Maybe Hybrids, or more specifically the Insight, have reached some sort of critical mass in terms of mainstream awareness?
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yeh, i think your rite, i have not been able to go to one gas station with out someone coming up to me and asking me about my insight. After i talk to them for about 5-10min(with my gf waiting patiently all the time). Most people think you have to plug them in still. and dont understand how they recharge, everyone i have talked to and answered there questions, always says ill have to look into buying one(i doubt that any of them will buy one though). Hybrids are def. starting to take off, its just that honda was ahead of there time. I still cant wait for my new car DualNote to come out, as long as its under $60,000 im def planning on purchasing it.
WizardReloaded - You (and more likely your girlfriend!) may get tired of giving a ten minute lecture each time you go out...

So on top of the ambassadorship material already on this site, I recently devised a one-sided handout to answer everyone's questions, so that we Insighters can go about our way without too many delays. An American version of the handout is floating around which can be found by searching the forum ( good asking me for an internal link (Tim?)). Hope this helps.
:idea: I'll e-mail it to you.
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