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Picture of front toe hook with cover off?

Does anyone happen to have a photo of the front toe hook, without the little cap over it? I'd like to see how it's designed.

A few weeks ago my wife got in to a small accident with her 2010 insight. No major damage to her car. A quick flash of sun glare caused her to make contact with the left-rear of a Mini that had darted out trying to cross lanes in traffic. The Mini took a lot of damage to the left-rear tire area. It wasn't drivable. Thankfully no one was hurt. The impact on the Insight fortunately was directly where the recessed toe-hook is, which being structural didn't budge at all. No headlight damage or the like. The front bumper cover was scratched up though, some deeper gouges and a small crack. I'm going to repair it myself. Shouldn't be a big deal. It's a matter of pulling the cover off and plastic-welding the crack from the rear to reseal it. Then typically body repair up front. The cap over the toe-hook is gone though (I bought another). I'll have to do some heating and shaping of the bump cover cap area so I can get the replacement cap to fit snuggly again.

Was hoping someone may have an up close picture of the front tow hook without the cover on?

It's a bit dark, but here is the front damage:
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