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Picture of Japaneese Insight Navigation system

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Found this out while on the Japaneese Honda web site too bad this isnt available in the US.


(you may have to copy and paste link)
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I have got the Sat Nav / TV / CD & Tape system in my '99 Insight. I can send you close up photos if you are interested.
Is your car right hand drive or have you converted it to left? If it is left I would be interested in seeing a photo of the screen install. I have a navigation system from an Acura RL and I would consider installing it if I could get the double-din trim piece for a left hand drive car (yes, there is a difference in those trim pieces from left to right hand drive cars).

I'd love to see photos of your NAV unit. I have a Magellan 750Nav in my "other car", might get one of those secondary trays to move it to the Insight, but there's not much room...would have to place it behind the seat, and/or in the rear CDchanger area, but thats a bit of cables to sling.

Photos please!
Japanese Navigation

Clayton - Sorry, my Insight is right hand drive and always has been. Happy to send you a picture by e-mail if you want.
I looked into getting the trim panel around the NAV system. It is basically a double DIN slot. I wanted to install an in-dash CD Changer below my stock radio. But since the trim panel has a bend and the rear clips align a certain way, it will only work for right hand drive Insights.

Hey Honda, U.S. Insight drivers want the double DIN trim panel for left hand drive Insights!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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